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ZCM has its own plant for head forming, equipped with max. 25,000 tons oil press machine, we can manufacture various size of ellipsoidal & spherical heads and cones by ourselves, also provide subcontract service for other manufacturers.
ZCM has rich experience for fabrication work of various reactors, e.g. PP reactor, MTP/MTO reactor, methanol reactor, hydrogenation reactor, dehydrogenation reactor, EG Reactor and PTA oxidation reactor etc. in coal chemical, petrochemical, refinery, fertilizer, and oil & gas industries.
Heat Exchanger
ZCM supply various types of Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger for clients from coal chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, power, oil & gas and refinery industries.
As one top manufacturer in China, ZCM has strong capacity and extensive experience in fabrication for ultra-long & ultra-heavy towers that weight over 1000 tons in coal chemical, petrochemical, refinery industries, e.g. C3 separation tower, PP distillation tower, absorbing tower, scrubbing tower etc.
Package Unit
ZCM has independently researched and developed “industrialization project with high-efficiency and energy-saving caustic soda evaporation concentration complete equipment”, which open EPC overall industry chain of various concentration series from 32-50, 50-73, 78, and 78-99 (including soda and potash concentration) as well as capacity scale series.
ZCM specializes in manufacturing of different kinds of vessels/drums with various materials, e.g. carbon steel, stainless steel, Cr-Mo steel, low/high alloy steel, duplex steel and special materials.
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